Scholarship Essay Contest: Combating Distracted Driving 

Welcome to the Donaldson & Weston Scholarship Essay Contest, where we invite aspiring individuals to share their personal experiences with distracted driving and propose strategies to prevent others from texting behind the wheel. 

This scholarship aims to cast a spotlight on the hazards associated with distracted driving and kindle transformative change. The chosen awardee will receive a $1,000 scholarship to bolster their academic pursuits.

Essay Topic: “What are your personal experiences with distracted driving, and how can you, as an individual, help prevent others from texting behind the wheel?”


  • Word Count: We expect essays to be 750 words, a testament to the contemplative nature and profound analysis.
  • Eligibility: Applicants should either be on the cusp of enrollment or currently immersed in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program or community college in the United States. High school students who have secured admission to an accredited institution are also eligible.
  • Academic Excellence: Maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Your application kit must include the following:

  • Resume: Present a comprehensive overview of your educational journey, extracurricular engagements, and pertinent experiences. Keep your contact details current.
  • Academic Transcript: Append your academic transcript to spotlight your cumulative GPA, a pivotal criterion for scholarship eligibility.
  • Original Essay: Craft a perceptive and unique essay that unpacks your personal encounters with distracted driving. Innovatively outline how individuals can contribute to thwarting texting behind the wheel.

All application materials must reach us by February 10, 2024, to be in contention for the scholarship. Dispatch your essay and documents to [email protected].

Participation in this essay contest not only positions you as a contributor to a societal concern but also places you in the running for financial support for your educational journey. We advocate for thoughtful and inventive responses that mirror your dedication to fostering safer driving habits.

Seize the moment and become a catalyst in the movement to instill a more secure and conscientious driving culture. Apply now and let’s jointly forge a path toward positive change on the roads. Best of luck!